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  • Customer Comments

    Tom was incredibly knowledgeable about the marine environement and even the milly way stay tour was fantastic! What a great time had by all, especially my wife and I. Higly professional and worht every cent to see this inredible phenomenon in the setting. We did the eco friendly electric bio boat at 8pm and we couldn't be happier that we did. Don't miss it. Reserve early and go see it firsthand. Thanks for the memories Tom and Cayman Kayaks.
    Visionary1, October 2015

    I was a little nervous that kayaing at night would be a little too much for my six and ten year old but they absolutely loved it! They're still talking about it and telling all their friends now that we're home. Our tour guide, David, was fantastic! The tour was both educational and fun for everyone (not always a easy thing to do). You don't wnt to miss out on this!! 
    Kristie, July 2015

    The bioluminescence tour was the most amazing thins I have ever seen! Finally did it after 5 months of living here and will send every guest I ahve to do it. Plan your visit to Cayman at the right time so that you can to do this tour as you will be missing out if you dont get to experience this. The Bioluminescence was so strong it was like sitting on glowing water! Fish swimming underwater were even lighting up! The tour groups are small and personable. A really fantastic evening! 
    Liesl, May 2015




  • Our Mission

    We do what we love! We want you to fall in love with kayaking and this beautiful island.  Vacations should be safe, fun, educational and most importantly environmentally friendly! Read about our company's passion for the environment and our responsibility to protect and preserve it.  Find out how you can play a role in Cayman's environment! 

    About Us

    Tom and Lisha Watling are the owners and operators of Cayman Kayaks in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Kayaks is the only company that is completely Eco Friendly with each of the tours we operate.

    We started paddling with our guests through Caymans wetlands and the fascinating Bioluminescent Bay in 2006. Our guests have the unique opportunity to paddle and now go by electric boat in the rare Bioluminescent bay, that glows as our hands, feet and paddles interact with the microscopic organisms in the bay. This adventure with Cayman Kayaks can only be described as magical, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

    Tom grew up in Cayman Islands, where he developed a lifelong passion for the water and its marine life. After years of experiences; sailing the Caribbean Sea,

    diving in the ocean and surfing the waves, Tom never pictured himself sitting in a kayak being a tour guide. However, it did not take much time for Tom to enjoy being on the water in a kayak. Tom will share his extensive and sensitive knowledge of the bioluminescent bay ecology as well as a wealth of information about the flora and fauna inhabiting the mangroves. You will love having a local guide to share his stories of growing up in Cayman. His goal is to make sure that all Cayman Kayaks guests enjoy the best of Cayman Islands natural resources in safe and professionally guided tours.

    Lisha is originally from Canada, and did not hesitate when she was offered a job in the Cayman Islands. She will help you make your reservation a smooth process and will gladly assist you with any questions you have regarding the tour, places to eat and other things to do on island. Lisha’s passion for protecting nature and her experience in business administration, makes Tom and Lisha the perfect pair for Cayman Kayaks.

    David also grew up in the the Cayman Islands, having moved here with his family at the tender age of 7. From their extensive involvement in local conservation efforts, he inherited a deep appreciation of nature- both above and below the waves.

    Motivated by a passion for the outdoors and a desire to help spread awareness and enjoyment of Cayman's ecology, he has worked a variety of eco-tourism ventures as well as being involved with many local conservation volunteer initiatives. Relaxed & enthusiastic, he strives to deliver clear, safe, enjoyable tours that leave you with a cherished memory and an enhanced understanding of the local environment.


    Some photos of our guides in action....
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    Find us in the Media

    Tracey Schultz from Canoe & Kayak Magazine came and enjoyed each of our tours. She shared her wonderful articles with us. Enjoy reading about her Mangrove Tour and Bioluminescent Tour experiences. 

    Cayman Kayaks was mentioned in an article in the Manchester Evening News on June 20th 2015. The feature was written by visiting journalist Emma Mountford and raves about the bioluminescence tour experience.
    Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

    We regualry have Journalists come from the Daily Mail in the UK and join us on our bio tour. Their days get so packed with activites but we are thankful to have them join us and mention the tour in their article! 

    Cayman Kayaks has received the Passengers Picks Badge of Excellence for 2015 We are also the Passenger Picks of the Month for November 2015We are so happy to have had the opportunity to do an interview with Val from Passenger picks.